Shuushar the Awakened

Aquatic hermit claiming to be the only sane Kuo Toa


Shuushar is a sleepwalker.


A kuo-toa, Shuushar is likely to be one of the more unusual creatures any of the adventurers have met. The aquatic hermit is a calm and peaceful presence. He is aware of his people’s well-deserved reputation for madness, and claims to have spent a lifetime in contemplation and solitary meditation to overcome that legacy. He appears to have been successful, exuding an aura of enlightened balance. Shuushar is even calm and accepting of his current imprisonment, merely saying that it is what it is, and who can say what end it might eventually lead toward?

Shuushar is a complete pacifist. He doesn’t fight or cause harm to any other creature, even refusing to defend himself or others. He gladly accompanies the party if permitted to do so, however, helping them in any way he can other than violating his most sacred vow.
Shuushar is familiar with Sloobludop, the kuo-toa town near the Darklake, and has navigated the twisting routes of the Darklake for many years. He hopes to share his enlightenment with his fellow kuo-toa.

Shuushar the Awakened

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