Sarith Kzekarit

A former drow soldier accused of murdering a peer


Sarith has a fungal infection on his face.


A male drow, Sarith is sullen and keeps to himself, rebuffing attempts to talk to him unless he feels the discussion will benefit his survival and freedom. He is disgraced by his imprisonment but is resigned to his fate, since there doesn’t appear to be anything he can do about it. Sarith is accused of murdering one of his fellow drow warriors in a fit of madness, but he has no memory of it. He varies between believing the whole thing is a setup to discredit and destroy him, and fearing that it is all true. He is being held until he can be sent back to Menzoberranzan as a sacrifice to Lolth and an example to others.

Sarith wished to return to Neverlight Grove, where he captured Stool. He claims that the party will be safe there.

Sarith Kzekarit

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