Jorlan Duskryn

The traitorous former field commander of Velkynvelve


Jorlan turned a talent for inflicting pain into skill as a warrior, and a certain roguish charm into a way to ingratiate himself with his female superiors. He quickly made himself useful to Ilvara Mizzrym as both the field commander of the Velkynvelve garrison and as her lover, enjoying all the benefits that came with both roles.

Jorlan thought that Lolth favored him, or at least that his charms had deflected her malice, until he had the misfortune of a run-in with a black pudding on an otherwise routine raid. Ilvara’s healing magic saved his life but couldn’t undo the terrible damage wrought by the ooze’s acid. With his once-handsome face melted and scarred, and his sword hand twisted and missing two fingers, Jorlan was no longer the warrior he once was.

Ilvara relieved Jorlan of duty during his recuperation, replacing him with the young bravo Shoor Vandree. When she then took Shoor to her bed, Jorlan realized his recovery would never be sufficient to regain what he had lost. His heartbreak and loss has since become a virulent hatred for Ilvara and Shoor that slowly eats at him. Jorlan finds the idea of suicide or reckless self-destruction beneath him, however-unless he can find a way to take Ilvara and her new lover with him.

Jorlan recognized the resourcefulness of the party members when he captured them, and planned to use them to embarrass Ilvarra and Shoor. Shortly after his return to Velkynvelve, Jorlan was publicly humiliated at a dinner by being asked to sit so that the scarred side of his face was hidden from sight. Xander, Prince Derendil, and Stool were working as waitstaff. Ilvarra was unsatisfied with the food, and ordered Jorlan to lead the prisoners to Velkynvelve’s secret mushroom garden to return with supplies to meet her standards while awaiting the late supply shipment from Menzoberanzan. Jorlan’s resentment reached a boiling point, and after escorting the three prisoners to the the prisoner pen, he reach through the bars, grabbed Xander, and asked him if he would escape if given the opportunity. Xander nodded yes. Jorlan later turned a blind eye while Xander smuggled key items from the armory into the prisoner pen. Xander observed Jorlan taking scraps of damaged chain mail from the armory.

Later, Jorlan left the scraps of chain mail along the path to the mushroom garden, luring rust monsters to attack the work detail.

Jorlan Duskryn

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