Deep Dwarf with bloodlust


A male derro, Buppido is surprisingly gregarious and talkative, demonstrating a keen mind and a disarming manner. Buppido promises to welcome all of his fellow escapees into his home in Gracklstugh, and suggests that they head in that direction. He also speaks of the Derro god, Diinkarazan, who demands “glory in blood.”

Buppido has a vicious streak hidden behind his pleasant manner. After Ront struck Turvy, Buppido warned Ront to control himself or would become a sacrifice to Diinkarazan. Bupiddo then muttered to himself while drawing a crude picture in the dirt of Ront crammed into a small house. Later, when Ront attempted to betray the party to a pair of Orogs, Bupiddo lept onto Ront and attacked him, but was unsuccessful. Shuushar and Sarith separated the two, and convinced Bupiddo to control himself.

Bupiddo broke his leg when he fell into a sinkhole, and was given a splint made by Igrum. While hobbling along a ledge, Buppido fell a short distance and dangled by a rope. He was placed back onto the ledge by a stone giant who had recently been fed by the party.


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